The effector platform puts you in control of your enterprises digitialisation, allowing you to say ’Yes’ to your enterprise process needs. Simple to use, with minimal or no coding requirement, you can build enterprise grade applications in minutes, easily integrated into your legacy or ERP systems.

We have a widespread community using our tested and trusted solutions

Our community and solution offering is growing by the minute. Our developers and partners are constantly adding new blocks and templates to our portfolio, widening the possibilities of the platform. Our customer base is constantly growing since the platform was born. We find that the majority of our clients are using the platform for more complex and business critical applications. Proving our technology is robust and flexible to the business needs.

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Low coding vERsUS Traditonal SOFTWARE development

With our technology we eliminate a traditional bottleneck between the business user and the developer. By making our development tools easy to use for business analysts, the business problem is solved by people, who fully understands the business environment and the business problem, making the implementation process more effective.

We involve the business users to the software development process, improving the user experience
and removing the bottleneck often found with outsourced development.