About Oriana


We have been serving enterprise clients since 2002. We came to the realisation that there must be a simpler way to build business applications. We developed Effector to utilise the advantages of low coding and to empower our customers with a fast and flexible platform capable of building enterprise grade applications without compromise. The result goes beyond our original concept. It is not merely a product but a business application development ecosystem.

With Effector you can build customised applications faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before. By utilising our technology agnostic platform you can select from a rich library of ready to use application blocks and functionality templates, to build purpose built applications to power your business processes. You get the ideal combination of speed and functionality, which outperforms Off The Shelf solutions by being fully integratable into your legacy and ERP systems. Our clound based, front-end and single-page applications are transparent, user-friendly and accessible across desktop and mobile. Our solution is an additional tool for your team on their digital transformation journey.

Our mission is to empower our clients with the full capabilities of our platform, enabling them to develop self-self capabilities and enabling them to say β€žyes” to their digital process needs.

Vision statement

To enrich the business application world with freedom and flexibilty while delivering excellent customer value.


2002-2015 Solid early traction to steady client base. Setting the foundation of the main elements of the future Effector Platform:
  • XML based declarative description of a business application
  • Unique approach to a streamlined UI supporting business applications
2015 – 2018 Creating Effector Platform and Partner Model

Effector Platform

  • Developer portal
  • Effector Studio development tool
  • Greatly improved platform capabilities
  • Content development

Partner Model Development

  • Richard Basa became CEO
  • Additional 300K investment
  • Partner model validation
  • First batch of partners acquired

2018 – Internationalization
  • Market entry: CEE
  • Broadening sales channels
  • Direct and partner driven expansion


Contact information:
Phone number: +36 1 398 0530
E-mail: info@oriana.hu
Address: H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 6.