In the world of Oriana, in a joint effort with our partners, we continually monitor and analyse changes in the IT market, business and technology trends and customer needs. Prepared on the basis of the information and experience collected and the outcome of market researches, our new professional publication, ECOSYS Report, is designed to provide reliable and updated information to our current and future customers about the latest developments in the business application development market and the Oriana Ecosystem. We further aim to provide support to company and IT managers by means of the information published in this report. We are confident that you will easily find the most appropriate business applications to support your key tasks, and using best practices but solutions tailored to your individual needs, you can increase the efficiency and revenues of your company and customers.

Oriana Ecosys Riport Process Management from the Customers’ Perspective The Ecosys Report deals with customer relationship and process management. This report focuses on the field of call centre solutions through the latest case studies of Oriana and our partners as well as our Effector-based developments. In addition, this publication takes into account the most important domestic and international trends in the business application development market.
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