For Investors

Digital transformation is happening, and it’s happening fast. Companies need to invest in their digitalization, or they are going to lose their competitive advantage. Our low-code solution has proven its worth in several industries, with more than 50 000 active user and counting. Our platform attracts both new businesses and existing clients to fill the gaps within their organization’s application needs.


Oriana is a niche player in the low-code market. We developed the Effector platform the fully scalable self-service Low-Coding platform which provides the engine for building and running your entire suite of business applications. The platform has been developed over 10,000+ workdays in the past 16 years. Currently over 12 200 named users and 50,000 B2C external user use our platform. 52 application block and 18 application template

Dinamically growing market

Low-code is the result of the constant pressure to develop software more efficiently. With this, companies can develop softwares much faster and more cost-efficiently.

This is the right place and right time to catch this technology. Customers start to recognize the benefits of using low-code platforms, while Forrester estimated a ~40% annual growth for the low-code industry in the next 5 years

Pains we solve
Painkiller solution

Oriana is the best solution in the market because it is not solving one problem, but several with only one platform. Amongst these are:

  • Requires limited or no coding skills, companies don’t need senior full-stack developers for development
  • Fully customizable, while a demo can be set up within minutes
  • The applications architecture is transparent, no vendor/developer dead-lock emerges
  • Platform compatible with legacy systems, can fill up the additional application needs regarding the existing systems
  • Platform enables fast application development, while the quality and security is not compromised.