High returns and margins with a relatively small investment. The Oriana methodology, owing to the constantly increasing number of Application Blocks and Business Application Templates, allows you to create customised solutions for your customers faster, cheaper and more easily than ever before.

Application Blocks, which cover various business processes, are written in XML code and therefore ensure the independence of customers from application developers. According to the individual needs, these blocks can be interconnected, thus enable the creation of customised business solutions. This allows you to react to market changes rapidly, ahead of your competitors.

Join the unique world of Oriana, because…

  • here you can develop business applications for your customers faster and cheaper than ever before,
  • with our business model, which is characterised by low risks, minimal investment and high profits, you can build up a new segment of the business application development market in merely a few weeks,
  • you can gain an unbeatable competitive edge as early as in the pre-sales stage: you will be able to present a customised prototype to your customers already during the first personal meeting,
  • due to the community of this ‘ecosystem’, you can get new ideas and business opportunities continuously,
  • our catalogue contains the available Application Blocks, which are expanding in an ongoing manner, and a number of customisable Business Application Templates, which can be freely used during your development projects,
  • you get access to the ever-expanding collection of Application Blocks,
  • you can create the best solutions for your customers either using your existing own technology or in a joint project with Oriana’s developers where you can share your knowledge,
  • you can get access to an easy-to-learn and user-friendly solution which allows you to build your team of experts more quickly and easily.

The process of becoming a partner:

1. As a first step, sales messages are developed together with our partners

  • The initial package of partners is created in cooperation with the business development, marketing and sales teams.
  • Sales trainings are provided to our partners.
  • Support in the development of the business model.

2. As a second step, sales activities are launched jointly with our partner

  • Business opportunities are defined in a joint effort.
  • Pre-sales and sales support is provided.
  • Together with the partners, ‘market construction’ is started.

3. As a third step, we help our partners acquire the necessary technical knowledge

  • At this stage, our partners will be able to develop their own Business Application Templates.
  • Upon request, partners will be supported in the creation of their own products.

4. As a fourth step, market entry will be launched

  • Already in possession of the knowledge essential for successful business activities, with our continuous support in the background, partners will enter the market.

If you would like to learn more about our partnership model or the terms, conditions and opportunities of cooperation, please send your questions or requests by email to

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