Effector: A New Platform

Oriana’s solution represents a completely new approach which is expected to disrupt the current application development business market. This technology is based on a feature-rich, continuously improved proprietary platform named Effector, as well as fully customisable Application Blocks, which cover the core business processes and run on this platform. This robust core platform can be easily integrated into the production system of any manufacturer, and has proven its capabilities in a variety of business environments. Effector allows for a simple and risk-free consolidation of business applications. As data are protected using a single platform, this system enables a higher level of privacy.


Use of Our Solutions

The range of business applications running on the Effector Platform is constantly expanding, and these applications will be available immediately to all of our new customers and partners. You can learn more about the exact terms of use and service, and read the end user license agreement by clicking on the following link: link.

For more information on the use of this system, please contact us or request a prototype now.