We think in terms of client needs.
We understand one another.

We keep your needs in mind, so we always offer solutions
for specific tasks and individual business problems.

As the founders of Oriana, we are also company managers and business decision-makers. In order to achieve more transparent and effective business processes, we were looking for solutions to our own business problems. We wanted applications that were in line with the client needs: something more flexible than off-the-shelf, but much faster and cheaper – and less risky – than custom developments. The result is more than just a product; it is an ecosystem for developing business applications – the world of Oriana.

Oriana is the creator, developer and operator of the business app ecosystem. Our robust, tried and tested basic engine, Effector is enhanced through continuous technological development, ensuring that we are always a step ahead of current business challenges.

We like to share our knowledge in the Oriana community too. Representatives from all kinds of business segments expand the ecosystem for developing business applications with original ideas and useful knowledge.



Our development team consists of experts who see problems as opportunities and specifications as business processes. Over the last ten years, our colleagues have implemented numerous successful projects. They have developed knowledge management, evaluation and sales support systems for commercial banks, customer contact and marketing systems for the security technology industry, an HP assessment system for the financial sector, and a specialist system for controlling work allocations at government agencies.

  • Founded in 2002 with 15 years of management experience gained at multinational corporations.
  • IT (ERP, CRM, MIS, WFA) experience and secure knowledge that are unprecedented in this market.
  • 20% of annual turnover is always reinvested in innovation.
  • Our colleagues have wide-ranging experience and reliable knowledge.
  • International, efficient and rapid client service.