Use Cases

Multi-industry solutions for your business

Regardless of what off-the shelf software developers say, every client need is unique, therefore every customer needs a tailored solution. Our application blocks have proven their worth in a wide variety of industries, while remaining unique and specific to customer needs. We are proud, that the platform is running in many industries on 50 000 devices, each designed and developed to specific client needs.


From our ever-expanding offering, select a customisable Business Application Template which suits your business needs and boost it up with one of our several ready-to-use Application Blocks. This the fastest and easiest way to meet your business needs!

Come see which solution might fit best for your industry

Application blocks
Building blocks close to business functions

Application blocks targeting small business functions, typically 1-3 screens

Application blocks are:
  • interoperable
  • provide meaningful functions for the business user
  • easy to understand for the user and developer
  • easily extended, customized

Application creation is adding and customizing high level business functions. Currently 50 application blocks.

  • Workflow management
  • Contact management
  • Kanban
  • Dashboards
  • ...

Current Highlights
  • Working-method-level basic function templates
  • Workflow handling
  • Documents
  • Dashboard
  • Screen-level function templates
  • Activity report
  • Companies
  • Tag cloud
  • People
  • Messageboard
  • Vertical grouping of information cards
  • Assigned tasks
  • Calendar
  • QR-code display
  • Premise handling
  • Panel-level function templates
  • Adding and editing comments
  • Participant handling
  • Workflow documents
  • Document display: displaying doc, docx, rtf, pdf, png documents that are attached to the given object
  • Workflows
  • Error-handling workflow