As the (future) founders of Oriana, we are seeking to invent effective and flexible solutions to provide IT support to your business processes. Solutions that we ourselves would be happy to use. With 15 years of management experience, we knew exactly what was missing in the market, as we have a unique expertise in the field of business information technology. We wanted to create business applications that are more flexible than Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software (COTS) products, but are much faster, cheaper and less risky than custom development projects. The outcome goes beyond the original idea: it is not merely a product, but a business application development ecosystem, the Oriana World. So was Oriana, a wholly Hungarian-owned company, established in 2002.

Mr KOVÁCS Péter and Mr PÁTZAY Péter

With us, you can build your customised business applications faster, cheaper and easier than ever before. Using our ready-to-use, industry-independent and fine-tunable Oriana Application Blocks, you can create customised arrangements. Thus, you can get an ideal combination of the rich functionality of custom-made software and the fast deployment time of COTS products. Our cloud-based, front-end and single-page applications are transparent, user-friendly and accessible from desktop computers, tablets and smartphones as well. Our solutions support platformisation and application consolidation.